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Enhancements of the face are achieved through an array of specialized procedures at MiKO Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills. Facelift, neck rejuvenation and eyelid lift procedures are just some of the few facial enhancements to achieve natural results and shave years off your life. Learn More


Whether the patient is seeking to tighten specific areas with liposuction or completely resculpt their physique with a mommy makeover, we use an extensive approach, that addresses not only the skin, but also the underlying muscles, fat, and fascia to achieve natural result.Learn More


For many women, a certain breast size can make them feel confident, healthy and beautiful. When a woman is not born with the breast size she wants, sometimes plastic surgery is the only option. An augmentation, lift or reduction can change a woman’s life and, most of all, boost self-esteem.Learn More


Fine lines and wrinkles need not exist in today’s world. Dr. Obeng and his trained staff are knowledgeable about the dimensions of the face and the important of strategic enhancement of frown lines and deep wrinkles to compliment facial features and provide lasting results.Learn More
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Patients Say:

I  LOVE  my new boobs and my new bleaching baby looking bottom….
M.A., Santa Ana, CA
Thank you very much for the amazing work you did. It was such a pleasant experience.
C.R., Los Angeles